Taxation of companies, corporate groups and OICR

Over the years, the Firm has highly specialized in the domain of corporate taxation, which is now one of its historical expertise. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the tax issues related to companies and corporations, it offers consultancy services dealing with both recurrent and extraordinary tax issues arising from the business management and in its stages of transformation and development.

The Firm addresses tax matters (including accounting aspects) concerning the preparation of the financial statements according to the national accounting principles as well as to the international standards IAS / IFRS.

The Firm identifies and compares the tax benefits available for the individual client, analyzing the peculiarities of the sector in which it operates, in order to optimize taxation at company and group consolidated levels.

The advisory activity to business groups includes, inter alia, strategic planning, access to tax incentive schemes for the "industry 4.0" sector (Patent Box, R&D tax credit), start-ups and innovative SMEs, and to enhanced collaboration schemes (cooperative compliance).

In the fiscal context, the Firm assists private funds in the sector of investments in securities and real estate in relation both to the internal tax regime of the OICR (collective investment savings organizations) itself, and to the tax regime of both domestic and foreign investors (substitute tax and withholding tax).

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