The reputation of the litigation department of the Firm relies on a consolidated experience and a deep knowledge of substantive and procedural matters. Such core skills have allowed the Firm’s successful trend in the legal representation and defense of clients, whether companies or individuals, Italian and foreign, also in multi-jurisdiction and cross-border cases.

The team of litigators, in close collaboration with the professionals in the other departments, guarantees high-quality services even in complex proceedings, at any stage of the judicial case even in emergency situations and in precautionary (provisional measures, injunctions, asset seizure…) and enforcement proceedings, before all courts of merit and the Court of Cassation. Furthermore, the Firm assists and advices on the use of alternative dispute resolution methods available such mediation and conciliation.

The Firm’s clients include several companies, banks, and multinational large groups, especially in transnational litigation arising from internationalization projects, as well as smaller businesses and individuals involved in corporate litigation (directors or auditors) or inheritance disputes.

The distinctive approach of the Firm in judicial and extrajudicial representation lies in its practice at an international level, in its ability to outline litigation strategies using all available procedures and efficiently managing transnational litigation, even in several jurisdictions at the same time. For this purpose, the Firm can also count on a well-established international network of law firms in more than 40 jurisdictions.

Specifically, the Firm deals with disputes in the following areas:
- commercial and corporate law;
- bankruptcy and insolvency law;
- banking law and finance;
- tenders;
- administrative law;
- transport and navigation law;
- labour and trade union law;
- succession law;
- insurance law;
- compensation for personal and property damage;
- credit recovery and executive procedures on movable and immovable property;
- real estate and rental law;
- protection of intellectual property (copyright law, patents and trademarks);
- data protection.

Key Contacts