Shipping and Transports

Our firm specializes in offering legal advice and support in all areas of the shipping, transport, and navigation sector.

From national and international contracts, to extrajudicial and judicial assistance, our team has extensive experience in managing issues, arising from litigation and practice directly inherent to the liability of all operators.

Specifically, our expertise allows us to provide in-depth legal advice to shipowners, carriers, terminal operators, logistic operators, import/export companies, shipping agents, MTOs in the following areas:

- Maritime law: recreational boating, purchase and sale contracts for ships and recreational craft, rental contracts, leasing contracts and financing contracts; bills of lading; maritime lawsuits and claims, marine pollution and environmental damages.

- Transport: national and international transport of freight and passengers by maritime, air, road, rail and integrated multimodal transport, with particular reference to matters related to loss and damage caused to cargo and people, as well as damages caused by delay, shipping contracts, logistics services, ICC INCOTERMSĀ® of the International Chamber of Commerce, and the responsibility of the carrier, freight forwarder and terminal operators.

- Insurance: in the transport branch for all matters relating to insurance aspects related to damages occurred to cargo and the liability of the carrier; in the tour-operator and travel civil liability branch with specific reference to the problems connected with the sale of tourist packages and damage from ruined holidays.

- Customs: customs litigation and penalties and liability of the customs agent.

Our experts are also scientific coordinators and lecturers of the two Master courses in Transport Law, "The universality and internationality of transport" and in Shipping Law "The evolutionary routes of the law of sea navigation", organized by Altalex - Wolters Kluwer Italia S.r.l.

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