Real Estate and Leases

Real estate projects and transactions require specialized legal advisors with expertise in negotiations. The real estate law department, focused on domestic and transnational matters, aims to assist Italian and foreign investors interested in real estate purchase and sale transactions in Italy.

The team, combining expertise in corporate, contractual, financial, administrative and procedural matters, is able to offer a complete consulting service, assisting clients throughout the entire transaction, from the preparation of the negotiation, starting with due diligence, to the implementation of the acquisition/sale or project. Furthermore, using specific knowledge in succession planning, from a legal and fiscal point of view, the Firm also assists non-resident clients dealing with inherited property in Italy.

The Firm also deals with delegated sales before the Court of Milan, through the activity of professionals registered in the specific list pursuant to Article 179 ter of the Italian Civil Code.

Furthermore, all necessary formalities are carried out at the Conservatory of Real Estate Registers /Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari in Milan, as well as on the national territory, through a dedicated IT program UniMod of the Italian Tax Authority, with regard to any kind of transcription, registration, and the cancellation of pending encumbrances on real estate.

Thanks to Eptalex offices in the Middle East and the Gulf countries, and the significant network of trusted law firms in numerous jurisdictions, the Firm can boast the support of specialized consultants all over the world.

Key Contacts