Tax Planning and M&A

The Firm assists its clients in the planning and implementation of M&A operations (for example through a leveraged buy-out) between industrial entities as well as with the intervention of financial investors (private equity funds), up to the most complex reorganization of national and international groups.

The Firm has been involved in numerous transactions involving the acquisition of company shareholdings, mergers and demergers, accompanying customers in all phases of the aforementioned operations, such as company valuation, due diligence, negotiation and drafting of contractual clauses, drafting of prospectuses, planning and implementation of acquisition structures.

Over the years the firm has established close professional relationships with corporate advisors and investment funds operating in the M&A market.

The firm has also gained experience in the valuation of equity investments, business complexes, intangible assets, also with reference to the specific tax incentive legislation such as the re-determination of the value of the participations, Patent box, or when deemed convenient for the decisional support of the top management with regard to company acquisition, preparation of financial statements (impairment test, goodwill allocation), in court and out-of-court disputes.

Key Contacts