Tax compliance

From the outset, the Firm decided to invest in tax and accounting compliance activities, offering support services in tax compliance, both for individuals and companies, including family and investment holdings, trusts and simple companies.

The activity can thus be divided by type of assisted subjects:

- Individuals: annual tax returns with particular regard to the management of the monitoring of capital abroad (RW) and relative taxation (direct, IVIE and IVAFE), expatriates management, support in wealth management;
- Company: accounting, administrative and periodic tax assistance, preparation of stand-alone and consolidated OICR and IFRS financial statements, preparation of group reporting, group taxation (tax consolidation);
- Holding company and family asset management company: accounting, administrative and tax assistance (for example, registration of the Registry of Reports, CRS / FATCA Communications), determination of taxes referring to investment management, in drawing up the financial statements;
- Trust: assistance in domestic and foreign taxation and management of the related tax compliance (tax returns);
- Property Management company (companies with no business activities): tax compliance management, within the more complex wealth management.

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