Commercial Contracts

The Firm boasts a consolidated experience in advising all kind of businesses, both national and international, with regard to commercial contracts, within the scope of the ordinary management of companies’ activities, as well as extraordinary transactions, assisting clients in the development and implementation of their strategic choices.

In particular, the Firm assists on issues ranging from the drafting of joint venture agreements, traditional general terms and conditions of sale, terms and conditions for mobile applications and desktop websites, commercial representation, agency and distribution, franchising, trademark and patent licensing agreements, import-export regulation, manufacturing, outsourcing, subcontracting, marketing, e-commerce.

In the context of international commercial relations where two or more applicable laws come into play, the Firm assists clients in the negotiation and drafting of the main types of contracts and non-typical agreements, evaluating on a case-by-case basis the following elements: the different legislations and the application of the business practices in the relevant jurisdictions, the procedural aspects and the various possible methods of dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation), payment methods and the guarantees of international trade, Incoterms® of the ICC, as well as the clauses most widely adopted in the international field.

The Firm's professionals have many years of experience in the main sectors of the “Made in Italy”, such as manufacturing, industrial and real estate, as well as in highly regulated sectors such as banking, pharmaceuticals, transport and energy.