Mediation & ADR

National and multinational companies are increasingly resorting to mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods to settle amicably disputes arising with customers, suppliers or within the same company between employees and between employees and the management.

Mediation is a consensus-driven process for resolving disputes. The parties involved, with the help of a neutral third party and using constructive and creative negotiation techniques, can resolve the dispute prior to litigation or anywhere along the life of a lawsuit, specifying the terms of the agreement in writing.

In Italy, in addition to the civil and commercial mediation procedures pursuant to the Legislative Decree N. 28/2010, our clients may use other dispute resolution methods available, such as assisted negotiation, the banking and financial arbitrator, and conciliations in the telecommunication and energy sectors.

Our firm regularly assists companies and individuals in the drafting of dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts, among which the clauses med-arb and arb-med-arb, of settlement agreements resulting from mediation procedures, and provides for legal representations in both national and international negotiation and mediation proceedings.

Furthermore, adopting an integrated approach in order to ensure the prevention and management of potential disputes as well as on-going litigation, our attorneys assess and evaluate each case in order to identify the most suitable and cost/time-effective procedure to satisfy the interests of our clients. We often combine many approaches in order to reach favorable settlements and ensure that every client makes an informed decision about the appropriate form of dispute resolution for each matter.