Business Crisis, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings

In the field of insolvency law, the Firm deals with all proceedings concerning company crisis and insolvency, providing a wide range of instruments, alternative to the usual realisation of assets, by which going through companies life’s critical phase.

The insolvency law stands as an autonomous corpus of legal knowledge, which increasingly requires a high degree of specialization, though, these relevant legal institutions, on the border between different subjects of civil, commercial, international and procedural law, are, moreover, dripped with business administration issues.

The Firm, with its vocated department managed by Battaglia and Bina Avvocati Associati, offers advice to companies or individual businessman and others like consumer, assisting them in crisis settlement procedures and in the schedule of judicial or extra-judicial agreements with creditors (piani attestati di risanamento, accordi di ristrutturazione dei debiti o concordati preventivi).

The Firm also assists entities or any laypersons whose interests are affected by insolvency proceedings: because they have received by insolvency practitioners a liability claim, or a claim relating to the voidness, voidability or unenforceability of legal acts detrimental to the general body of creditors; or they hold a right on an asset which the insolvency practitioners claims are part of the asset of the bankruptcy.

The Firm also provides advices and judicial assistance, to insolvency practitioners (curatori fallimentari, liquidatori giudiziali, commissari giudiziali e commissari di amministrazioni straordinarie di grandi imprese in stato di insolvenza) and Firm's professionals also perform the functions of insolvency practitioner and judge's delegate in enforcement proceedings for the realisation of assets. In this legal counseling, the Firm aims to identify the best practicable solutions, by adopting an approach of close collaboration with the insolvency practitioners, in a perspective of efficiency in the administration of the insolvency procedure.

The multidisciplinary team of the Firm, with its strong international approach, is also able to provide assistance with cross-border insolvency profiles.

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