Thanks to the consolidated experience in multiple areas of substantive and procedural law and its innovative character, the Firm offers a highly specialized legal advice and assistance service in the field of the artistic sector.

Art law is a multidisciplinary practice and embraces intellectual property law, commercial law, inheritance law, international law, insurance and transport law, as well as the sphere of criminal and administrative law.

In this field, the Firm has a qualified experience in the inheritance planning of the artistic assets. The Customer is assisted in the generational handover or to third parties in general, in the management and possible income of the artistic heritage. The necessary assistance is also guaranteed in the event of a hereditary dispute.

The Firm’s professionals also assist artists and art collectors in the creation of archives, private and public collections, as well as their conservation and management. Legal advice is also extended to aspects such as: purchase and sale in Italy and abroad of artworks, the import and export of artworks, their transport, insurance and rental. In the area of criminal law, furthermore, the assistance concerns hypotheses of theft, fraud, counterfeiting, plagiarism and illicit export.

The consultancy also extends to contractual relationships between artists and gallery/institutional entities and between the latter and collectors and to any eventual litigation. Through the synergy of the internal team and a consolidated network of collaborators and expert consultants, the Firm also provides the customer with a service to appraise and preserve the artworks.

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