Solutions to Business Crises and related Tax Profiles

In the context of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, the Firm assists clients in the management and evaluation of tax issues, regarding crisis settlement procedures the crisis and in extrajudicial agreements with creditors.

The consultancy relates specifically to tax treatment of the items with greatest impact, contingent assets and capital gains, interest expense, losses carry forward, credit procedures originated by the crisis of the debtor company, as well as IRAP, VAT and registration tax. The Firm also offers support regarding the insertion of the information in the financial statements as required by OIC 6.

With regard to the so called “tax transaction” as per the Italian Bankruptcy Law, the Firm assists clients along the whole procedure, as governed both in the formulation by the bankruptcy law (art.182ter currently in force) and as modified by the new Code of the Corporate Crisis and Insolvency (Legislative Decree 14/2019). More specifically, in the context of the composition agreement with creditors and the debt restructuring agreements, the team of professionals has a consolidated experience in mapping tax debts aimed at restructuring exposure towards tax authorities.