Banking and Finance

The professionals of the banking and finan-cial law department assist Italian and foreign clients in the management of ordinary operations (regulatory matters, bank guarantees, incorporation of subsidiaries and establish-ment of branches of foreign financial institu-tions) and in the context of extraordinary operations (M&A, debt restructuring, securitization of credits and project finance).

The Firm’s clientele includes in its customer banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions, asset management companies (SGRs), private equity funds, and other supervised and listed entities.

The Firm is also specialized in banking and financial litigation, regularly represent-ing leading banks before the Italian courts sued by customers, professionals or consumers for matters concerning contracts and fi-nancial instruments, disputes to protect the security interests, and lawsuits to obtain compensation for contractual or non-contractual damage.

As per the enforcement of court decisions and orders, the Firm's professionals, who are often commissioned by the Court to play the role of delegates for the sale of seized goods, have acquired considerable experience in assisting their clients in expropriation procedures, as well as claims promoted by the debtors

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