Cinema and Audiovisuals

The Firm's services in the film and audiovisual sector range from the legal and tax assistance in corporate affairs to contracts, from negotiations to litigation, to assistance in national and cross-border transactions.

This approach allows clients to deal with a single interface, providing for the highest professional level, in all circumstances where the impact of the new legislation on the business requires specialized consultancy for the dialogue with the public sector, the search for calls and financial contributions, the drafting of contracts, tax management, up to legal representation in case of dispute in Court.

Thanks to the particular importance of IP rights and copyright in the entertainment industry, and the experience gained by the Eptalex professionals, both in Italy and abroad, the team has dealt with traditional issues over the years, as well as new matters arising from technological developments and the convergence between virtual platforms.

Another focus of the department is represented by the procurement of investments in the audiovisual industry provided by entrepreneurs outside the film supply chain, thanks to the tools of tax credit and product placement offered by the Italian legislator.