Indian Desk

Since its foundation, thanks to the experience of Jacopo Gasperi, the Firm has acquired expertise in international issues and management of business and investments worldwide. In this regard, as India-focused firm, Eptalex experts can provide practical insights, advice and effective strategy to venture into and sustain in the Indian market, focusing on all complex corporate and commercial matters and support all aspects of what a business requires through its life-cycle.

Indeed, since July 2010, the Firm can rely on a close alliance with one of India’s leading full-fledged business law firm, Titus & Co. Advocates, based in New Delhi with associated offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Jabalpur, Kolkata and Mumbai. Titus & Co. represents a wide range of clients from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, including 60 Fortune 500 Global Corporations. The Indian firm is well-known for its work on power, oil & gas, telecommunications and infrastructure finance transactions and also for significant transactions in the areas of automotive, venture capital, insurance, securities, banking, media and entertainment, real estate, intellectual property, M&A, taxation, litigation and arbitration.

Considering the conditions of the current global market, and with the ongoing changes in the business and political environment in India, by virtue of such close and long-term cooperation, our clients can benefit from a direct and structured network which allow them to focus on their business. Nowadays, India represents the fifth largest economy in the world, the third largest in terms of purchasing power, and, in the next few years, it is predicted to become the most populated country in the world. For these reasons, India is widely considered the most changing market. However, difficulties related to the long time to collect international payments, and lengthy negotiations with the Indian counterparts, may discourage investments towards this country.

Take a look at the services assistance and consultancy, which will be performed in collaboration with Titus&Co by clicking here at this link.

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