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Singapore: The Muslim Act

According to the 2020 census, Singapore continues to be religiously diverse. Among the residents aged 15 years and over: 31.1 per cent identified themselves as Buddhists, 8.8 per cent as Taoists, 18.9 per cent as Christians, 15.6 per cent as Muslims and 5.0 per cent as Hindus.

Unlike neighboring countries – such as Indonesia and Malaysia – the majority of the population is not Muslim and the governmental system is definitely secular, not religious.

In this context, it is notable that the legal system allows the Muslim community to use specific laws in matters related to family law, marriages, divorces, and some aspects of inheritance.

Click on the pdf on the left, to read a short overview of the Muslim institutions constituted according to the “Administration of the Muslim Law Act’’ (AMLA).

Singapore: The Muslim Act