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FDI in the UAE: foreign investors and 100% ownership

The emergency situation linked to the spread of the new Corona virus has highlighted further critical issues that have afflicted the world economic system for several years. The United Arab Emirates have always distinguished themselves by focusing on the development of diversification policies of the internal economy.

Already back in September 2018, through the adoption of Federal Legislative Decree no. 19 ("Foreign Direct Investment Law" or, more briefly "FDI Law"), the Government introduced the hypothesis to modify the rigid rules of companies incorporation on mainland, requiring a partnership with Emirati citizens. With the Resolution no. 16 adopted on March 17, 2020, the federal government established that, as part of the FDI program, foreign investors will be able to obtain up to 100% of the ownership of the companies set up or incorporated, within 122 activities and economic sectors.

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FDI in the UAE: foreign investors and 100% ownership