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Massimo Ferdinandi

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Massimo Ferdinandi

Practice Areas

Internationalization, Corporate Law, M&A, International Commercial Contracts, Human resources management


Massimo manages the Singapore Desk of the Firm, providing legal and corporate assistance to companies and investors for the incorporation and establishment of subsidiaries, branches, representative offices in Southeast Asia, HR management in multicultural contexts, as well as holding the position of General Manager and interim CEO, where requested.
After his university studies in law, Massimo carried out both legal and notary practice. He then held the position of CEO, Managing Director, Chief Representative and member of the Board of Directors at some prestigious public listed multinational companies.

While residing in Asia over the past 20 years, Massimo has managed holding companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta and from these offices he has personally dealt with the establishment, first, and the start-up of the activities, then, of manufacturing plants, subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India and South Korea. In the early years of his career, Massimo participated in the drafting and finalization of one of the first contracts for the sale of know-how in the numerical control machines sector between an important Italian company and one of the main Japanese manufacturers.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of local markets and cultures, Massimo's best results are linked to the expansion strategies in Asia of leading Italian companies.

Since 2007 is a Professor at the University of Bologna, where he has been awarded two tenures in master’s degree courses, both in disciplines inherent to internationalization processes: the first in “Administration and Business Management” and the second one at the Faculty of “Tourism Economics and Management”.

Massimo is also the author of several publications in the field of business internationalization processes. He is the author of popular scientific articles and some books, one of which became a textbook for two courses at the University of Bologna. Among the said books, the following are noteworthy: "Internationalization: its forms, FDI and the analysis of diversity" (Sole author: pp. 133), MacGraw Hill, 2009, "An ethical management of human resources in developing countries "(Single author: pp. 306), Fara Editore, 2006," Skills and tools to the cultural heritage and cultural tourism management "(pp. 13-40), Edizioni D'Errico, 2013," The entrepreneurial conscience in the construction of the common good "(pp. 277-297), UCID, 2007," Civil economy, democracy transparency and social and environmental accounting research role ", (afterword), MacGraw Hill, 2010.


University of Urbino, Italy, Law Degree, 1988. Thesis: "Diplomatic protection of citizens abroad"


Italian, English, Indonesian, French, German.